Sugar House Drinking Team: Suntory Japanese Whiskey

We have been hitting the American whiskey pretty hard up to this point, so we are going to switch it up just a little bit.  The first whiskey distillery in Japan, Yamazaki, was built in 1923, by Torii Shinjiro.  Less than 100 years later Suntory was so successful they were able to purchase the Jim Beam company, making it one of the largest distilled spirits companies in the world.  We will be tasting four unique expressions:

  • The Yamazaki - 12 year single malt
  • The Hakushu - 12 year single malt, peated
  • Hibiki - 12 year blend
  • Hibiki - 17 year blend

We will start with a welcome pour of Hibiki Harmony, and move into a discussion about the history of Suntory and Japanese whiskey.   The discussion will include details about the two major distilleries, Yamazaki and Hakushu, and the popularity of the whiskey causing a shortage internationally.  We will then taste and discuss all four of these whiskies, with the intention of furthering your knowledge and understanding of these great whiskies. Although not available in Michigan, we were able to source a bottle of the 17 year Hibiki, a real treat for us all!