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Sugar House Drinking Team:  Four Roses

Did you know that Four Roses was the top selling bourbon for 30 years following the repeal of Prohibition? However, the Four Roses brand was purchased by Seagrams and the bourbon was sold exclusively in Japan for many years.  It finally returned to the US in the early 2000's after being purchased by a Japanese firm, Kirin Brewery.  In a little over a decade, Master Distiller Jim Rutledge has built a reputation for Four Roses for producing some of the best bourbon in the world.  We will be tasting four expressions:

  • Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon (9-10 year OBSV 100 proof)
  • 2013 Four Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition (13 year OBSK Barrel Proof)
  • 2014 Four Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition (11 year OESF Barrel Proof)
  • 2016 Four Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition "Elliot's Select" (14 years OESK 120 proof)


We will start with a welcome pour of Four Roses Small Batch, and move into a discussion about the history of Four Roses.  The discussion will include details about the history of the brand, the Lawrenceburg distillery, Seagrams, Master Distiller Jim Rutledge, and the Four Roses single barrel program.  We will then taste and discuss all four of these whiskies, with the intention of furthering your knowledge and understanding of these great whiskies.

The fine print: You must be 21 years old with valid identification to attend this class. You do not need a printed copy of your ticket, reservations are under the name of the person who purchased the ticket.  You may gift your tickets, but please make sure the attending party knows the name of the person who purchased the tickets.  We do not permit add-ons, walk-ins, or others to wait in the bar.  There is a no-refund policy in effect 72 hours before the start of the class.  

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