• Sugar House (map)
  • 2130 Michigan Avenue
  • Detroit, MI, 48216
  • United States


America, F*CK YEA

What better way to celebrate a birthday than a last minute bid for the Presidency of the good old United States of America. It's doubtful we will pull Ohio but we are gonna party as if we did! Join us for a barn burner of a celebration as we unveil our platform of aspirations we probably won't remember on Monday. 

Wear your best red, white, and blue. 

There will be a special menu of party drinks featuring Plymouth gin, Lot 40 whiskey, Aberlour scotch, and more! 

We will be grilling burgers and dogs on the patio.

Nicole New will be bringing the 5 piece ensemble to set the celebratory mood. 

Sneak peak: Branca Menta ice luges for the people!

Sneak peak #2: The time honored tradition of raffling off a Fernet bicycle at the Sugar House Anniversary Party!

Stay tuned for more info.