Summer 16 saw the introduction of one of our favorite menu's to date:  The Sugar House Islands Tiki menu.  As the summer sizzles to an end, we knew we had to go out in style.  Bidding farewell to the Sugar Islands with a patio pig roast courtesy of Chef Brion at The Peterboro.  Saying sayonara with a soundtrack laid down by Vince Patricola.  A final nod kicking back plenty of Jamaica's next killer rum(fire) courtesy of Nicholas Feris of the Rum Collective.  Softening the sadness of summer slipping away, cocktails featuring some of Kentucky's best bourbons.  And for those who chose to defiantly put up a heroic last stand, A MELLOW CORN ICE LUGE!  

Take a look at the photo gallery from the party and get ready for our 5th Anniversary Party coming up on Sunday, October 9th!